TV Line Interview with Julie Plec: What Is Ahead for Elena and Damon

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TV line interviewed The Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec, to talk spoilers after the crazy 100th episode. Below you can find all the details relating to Elena & Damon. For the full interview head to TV Line here.

TVLINE | You have to assume that Katherine’s going to have all sorts of crazy, wacky hijinks.
It is such a quintessential, bitchass Katherine Pierce move that she has to live up to it with her behavior. [Laughs] Because you can’t go that hard without delivering — and she does deliver. As we know, Katherine’s got her eye on Stefan. So just as Damon and Elena have admitted to themselves that they’re ready to fight for their relationship, all of a sudden, Elena is no longer in possession of her own body. Katherine’s first order of business will be to try to figure out ways to get Damon out of her life for good. And then the domino effect of all of her moves is just horrible and tragic and mysterious in that wicked way. She really starts screwing up people’s lives, left and right.

TVLINE | Who is the most suspicious about what’s going on with Elena?
Everybody’s going to have a moment of suspicion along the way. The question, as we move forward, is going to be how long is it going to take before somebody figures it out? And when they do, how much damage will have been caused?

TVLINE | And Damon, as the guy who was Elena’s boyfriend just a short while ago, how does he react?
He’s all ready to go ahead and do what he can to get Elena back and can’t understand, in the beginning, why she’s not returning his phone calls. [Laughs] So [the next] episode spirals from there. But Damon’s working really hard to reclaim his undying and eternal love for Elena just as Elena, aka Katherine, is trying to extricate herself from Damon’s life.

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