Ruth’s Fan Story

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I’m Ruth and i’m the webmiss here at I was lucky enough to meet Nina at the Eyecon Convention October 2011, and Ian at the TVD Orlando Convention December 2012, I also got to see them at The Ripple Effect Charity dinner in Los Angeles. Details below:

TVD Filming in Covington, GA

My 2 friends and I were in Atlanta for the Eyecon TVD convention. But of course we had to go to Covington first (it’s about an hour’s drive from Atlanta) to see the town we know as Mystic Falls. We stayed the night at the Hampton Inn (where the cast sometimes stay when they film late). We went on the Mystic Falls tour the next morning, and lucky for us they were filming that day! We’d driven past Elena’s house before the tour and saw the “filming ahead” signs, it was the most excited i’ve ever been to see a sign in my life lol.

The tour was really amazing and I was so happy to see the locations from our beloved show. After the tour we went to where they were filming at Elena’s house and waited with a bunch of other fans that were in town for Eyecon. We weren’t allowed too close to filming but we still got to see a few things from episode 3×10. About an hour or so after we got there, Matt Davis (Alaric) walked past (I waved at him and he just smirked at us ha ha), Steven R Mcqueen (Jeremy) came over to say hi to everyone which was really cool, then a little while later, Nina came to see us! She was really really sweet and took a few pictures with fans before someone from the crew came and said she had to get back to filming. Here’s a pic my friend took of her when she came over:

We stayed for a few more hours and got to see the scene with the jeep hitting Alaric, Elena running in the red shirt and most importantly, we were there for the 3×10 Delena kiss scene! We weren’t allowed close enough to see what was happening on the porch, but we could see the crew on the lawn, and they parked Damon’s car next to us before they drove it to the house, so we knew it was the kiss scene when we saw the episode.

It was an amazing start to the convention weekend and I was so happy we got to see Nina, Steven, Matt & filming.

Eyecon Convention Atlanta 2011

I got to meet Nina officially at the photo-op at Eyecon, I was getting a bit nervous as it got closer to my turn to take a picture with her, but she was really sweet and said “Nice shirt! Thanks for supporting me” when she saw I was wearing the Hunger Bites t-shirt she designed. Then later on in the Q & A when someone asked her if she supported any charities, she mentioned Me to We etc. & looked at me & said something like “There’s a young lady there who’s wearing the shirt I designed” then I like stood up and showed everyone the shirt lol it was really cool.

Overall it was an absolutely awesome weekend and it was amazing getting to meet Nina & others from the TVD cast.

Ripple Effect Charity Dinner

I was also extremely lucky in winning 2 tickets to Ian & Kat Graham’s Charity Event – The Ripple Effect on December 10 in LA. Ian and Nina arrived together and also sat next to each other during dinner, they were so cute! Later on I introduced myself to Ian and he shook my hand, he wasn’t taking pictures with people but I did get to talk to him for a bit! Then I saw Nina on the way out & my friend asked for a picture but Nina was like really exhausted and said she was sorry but she had to go to bed, it was totally understandable ‘cos it was late and she’d been travelling all day, so I just smiled and said “that’s cool, bye” & she smiled and said bye back then went to go sleep.

TVD Convention Orlando 2012

Thanks for listening and congrats if you made it all the way to the end of this story he he

– Ruth xo

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