1×03 – Friday Night Bites


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Plot Summary

Bonnie warns Elena about Stefan. Tyler attempts to humiliate Stefan but it backfires as Stefan catches and passes the ball back, winning everyone over. Damon and Caroline gate crash any plans Elena had for Stefan and Bonnie to get along.


“Slow Poison” by The Bravery
“Blue Day” by Darker My Love
“Starstrukk” by 3OH!3
“Strange Times” by The Black Keys
“Can’t Fight It” by Oh Mercy
“You’re a Wolf” by Sea Wolf
“Papillon” by The Airborne Toxic Event
“Temptation” by Moby


Damon: You want me.
Elena: Excuse me?
Damon: I get to you, you find yourself drawn to me, you think about me when you don’t wanna think about me. I bet you’ve even dreamed about me. And right now, you want to kiss me.
Elena: (Slaps Damon after he leans in to kiss her) What the hell? I don’t know what game you’re trying to play with Stefan here, but I don’t want to be part of it. And I don’t know what happened in the past, but let’s get one thing straight: I am NOT Katherine.

Elena: Some things could matter again.
Damon: Maybe. But it seems a little unrealistic to me.

Stefan: It’s time for you to go.
Damon: That’s not a problem. Because I’ve been invited in. And I’ll come back tomorrow… and the following night.

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