1×05 – You’re Undead to Me


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Plot Summary

Elena and Jenna have a problem with Jeremy’s relationship with Vicki. Stefan comes clean about his past to Elena. At a fund-raiser, Bonnie is taken aback by how advanced her powers are, and turns to her grandmother for guidance. Elena uncovers some news about the Salvatore family.


“Don’t Trust Me” by 3oh!3
“Wait It Out” by Imogen Heap
“When A Heart Breaks” by S.O.Sterio
“Save The Lies” by Gabriella Cilmi
“Boom” by Anjulie
“Beauty Of The Dark” by Mads Langer


Damon: You won. Now nothing can come between you and Elena. Except the truth. The lies catch up to you, the longer you keep lying to yourself about who you are.
Stefan: The beauty of you in there and me out here…is that I can walk away.

Elena: Dear Diary, I’m not a believer. People are born, they grow old and then they die. That’s the world we live in. There’s no magic, no mysticism, no immortality. There is nothing that defies rational thought. People are supposed to be who they say they are and not lie or hide their true selves. It’s not possible. I’m not a believer. I can’t be. But how can I deny what’s right in front of me? Someone who never grows old. Never gets hurt. Someone who changes in ways that can’t be explained. Girls bitten. Bodies drained of blood.

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