1×06 – Lost Girls


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Plot Summary

Elena seeks answers from Stefan about all the bad things happening in Mystic Falls. Stefan reveals how the rivalry with his brother began through a series of flashbacks. Damon controls Vicki’s future. Meanwhile, Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood try to protect their town.


“Stood Up” by A Fine Frenzy
“Weight of the World” by Editors
“Fader” by The Temper Trap
“Enjoy the Silence” by Anberlin
“21 Guns” by Green Day
“Down” by Jason Walker


Damon: So, where’s Stefan?
Elena: He’s out looking for Vicki.
Damon: Don’t look at me with those judgy little eyes. Girl’s gonna thank me for what I did to her.
Elena: Did you thank Katherine?
Damon: Got the whole life story, huh?
Elena: I got enough.
Damon: Oh, I doubt that. Tell my brother I’m looking for him. Oh, tip for later, be careful who you invite in the house.

Damon: I’m getting really bored and really impatient; and I don’t do bored and impatient.

Stefan: That’s the thing about Damon. He doesn’t get mad. He just gets even.

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