1×08 – 162 Candles


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Plot Summary

On his birthday, Stefan is surprised by a visit from Lexi, one of his oldest friends. Elena keeps Stefan at arms length, but Lexi gives her some unsolicited relationship advice. At Damon’s command, Caroline tries to get his medallion back from Bonnie. Damon makes a kill that angers Stefan. FInally Bonnie reveals the truth to Elena that she is a witch.


“Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre
“Thinking Of You” by Pete Yorn
“Feel It In My Bones” by Tiesto feat. Tegan & Sara
“Escape Me” by Tiesto feat. CC Sheffield
“Tokyo” by Telekknesis
“Too Close” by Mike Sheridan and Mads Langer
“All The World” by Fauxliage
“Love In Your Head” by The Black Box Revelation
“Yet” by Switchfoot


Damon: Stefan smiles. Alert the media.
Elena: You haven’t given him a lot of reasons to be happy lately.
Damon: Oh, you’re right. Poor Stefan. Persecuted throughout eternity by his depraved brother. Does it get tiring being so righteous?
Elena: It flares up in the presence of psychopaths.
Damon: Ouch. Well, consider this psychopath’s feelings hurt.

Damon: Ugh, I prefer mine at 98.6.

Jeremy: Wanna keep it down over there?
Jenna: Why, what are you doing?
Jeremy: Homework.
Elena: Since when do you do homework?
Jeremy: I gotta finish this. I’m way behind, and I have a quiz tomorrow, so…
Elena: What do you think…alien?
Jenna: Some sort of replicant.
Jeremy: He can hear you.

Bonnie: It’s true, Elena. Everything my Grams told me. It’s impossible, and it’s true. I’m a witch.
Elena: I believe you!

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