1×09 – History Repeating


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Plot Summary

Stefan learns the reason Damon returned to Mystic Falls – Jeremy gets a break from the mysterious new history teacher, Alaric Saltzman and introduces Alaric to Jenna. Bonnie is having terrifying dreams about one of her ancestors. Despite Elena’s efforts to smooth things over, Bonnie and Caroline continue to argue over the medallion. When the girls hold a séance to help them decide what to do, the results are stranger than any of them expected. Matt comes to Caroline’s aid when she needs a friend. Damon finally reveals to Stefan the stunning reason he has returned to Mystic Falls.


“Come Back When You Can” by Barcelona
“Houses” by Great Northern
“Lies” by Pablo Sebastian
“Post Electric” by Idlewild
“The Spectator” by The Bravery
“Think I Need It Too” by Echo & The Bunnymen


Damon: I got the town off our back, it was for the greater good, but I’m sorry. And to prove it, I’m not going to feed on a human for at least a…week. I’ll adopt the Stefan diet, only nothing but feathers.
Stefan: Because I realize killing your closest and oldest friend is beyond evil and yet, somehow it’s worthy of humor.
Damon: Are you mimicking me?
Stefan: Yes, Stefan. Now that the secret society of vampire-haters if off our back, I can go back to my routine of “how can I destroy Stefan’s life this week?”
Damon: And I can go back to sulking and Elena-longing and forehead brooding. This is fun, I like this.
Stefan: And I will finally reveal the ulterior motive behind my evil and diabolical return to Mystic Falls.
Damon: Yeah…I’m done.

Stefan: You’re blaming innocent people for something that happened 145 years ago.
Damon: No one here is innocent!

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