1×13 – Children of the Damned


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Plot Summary

In flashbacks, Stefan and Damon recall the long-ago actions taken by townspeople including their father, Guiseppe Salvatore, and Pearl, leading to the devastating events that caused the rift in their relationship. In the present, Bonnie’s date with Ben takes a frightening turn. Elena helps Stefan as he and Damon race to find the missing journal that belonged to Elena’s ancestor. Stefan learns the reason behind Alaric’s interest in both the journal and the town’s history. Damon discovers that an old acquaintance has returned to town with an agenda he understands.


“Floating Vibes” by Surfer Blood
“Goodbye” by Elefant
“Stellar” by Experimental Aircraft
“When You’re Ready” by Kate Earl


Damon: Is it real?
Elena: Is what real?
Damon: This renewed sense of brother hood. Can I trust him?
Elena: Yes you can trust him.
(Damon looks skeptical, super speeds over to Elena and looks into her eyes)
Damon: Can I trust him?
Elena: I’m wearing vervain, Damon. It’s not going to work.
Damon: I’m not compelling you. I just want you to answer me…honestly.
(Elena wonders if she should continue the lie)
Elena: Of course you can.

Damon: You know, I really like this whole menage-a-threesome team thing. It’s got a bit of a kink to it. Don’t screw it up!

Elena: You know, I really think that Damon believes that everything he’s done, every move that he’s made, he’s done for love. It’s twisted, but…kind of sad.

Elena: Since when am I helping?
Damon: Well, Stefan’s helping, and you’ve taken up residence in Stefan’s bed. Ergo…

(Damon walks in as Stefan and Elena are in bed)
Damon: Rise and shine, sleepyheads!
Stefan: What are you doing?
Elena: Damon, please!
Damon: Oh, stop being smutty.
Stefan: Seriously, get out of here.
Damon: If I see something I haven’t seen before, I’ll throw a dollar at it.

Damon: (referring to Stefan) There was a time that I trusted him more than anyone.
Elena: Trust breeds trust. You have to give it to get it.
Damon: Are you lecturing me?
Elena: Do you need to be lectured?
Damon: (referring to Katherine) I just want her back. I’m sure you can understand that.
Elena: I can understand that you would do anything for her, yes.
Damon: Then you understand what I will do if anyone gets in my way.

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