1×18 – Under Control


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Plot Summary

Stefan struggles to maintain control of his new circumstances, and Elena and Jeremy’s uncle, John Gilbert, unexpectedly shows up in Mystic Falls. Alaric and Elena have an awkward conversation about Isobel. Stefan exhibits some unusual behavior at the Founder’s Day event, and things turn ugly when Damon tries to find out why John Gilbert has returned. Matt and Tyler find themselves in conflict after an incident at the party, and the relationship between Matt and his mom reaches a new low point. Meanwhile, Elena is unable to comfort Jeremy, causing him to take action.


“You And I” by Black Mustang
“Yeah!” by The Golden Dogs
“1901″ by Phoenix
“White Night” by The Postelles
“Use Your Love” by Katy Perry
“Brick By Boring Brick” by Paramore
“Hey Hey Girl” by The Virgins
“Does This Mean You’re Moving On” by The Airborne Toxic Event
“To Be Your Loss” by The Morning After Girls


Elena: Look, Damon, I’m worried about Stefan. He says that everything’s okay but he’s clearly struggling. How long is it gonna take until he’s back to normal?
Damon: A few days, give or take.
Elena: It’s been a few days.
Damon: Give then, I don’t know. What’s the big deal?
Elena: He’s not himself, Damon.
Damon: Well, maybe his problem is he’s spent too long not being himself.

Damon: Where the hell did you get that ring?
Alaric: Isobel, my wife.
Damon: Isobel gave birth to Elena…under the medical care of the esteemed Dr. Grayson Gilbert, John’s brother!
Alaric: What, do you think John knew Isobel?
Damon: I think John knows a lot of things.

Damon: Have I entered an alternate universe where Stefan is fun?

Damon: Did you know that your uncle’s been kickin’ it with the Founder’s Council?
Elena: What?
Damon: Yep.
Elena: Perfect. We’ll just add it to the growing list of how everything’s falling apart.

Damon: It is what it is, Elena. The Stefan you know is good behavior Stefan, reign it in Stefan, fight against this nature to an annoyingly obsessive level Stefan. But if you think there’s not another part to this, then you have not been paying attention.
Elena: He is not you. Not even close.
Damon: Well, he doesn’t want to be me. That doesn’t mean deep down that he’s not…

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