1×22 – Founder’s Day


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Plot Summary

It’s Founder’s Day, and everyone is preparing for floats and fireworks. Though Damon and Alaric try to stop Johnathan Gilbert, he sets his plan in motion, leading to a chaotic, destructive, and deadly end to the Founder’s Day celebration.


“Every Time You Go” by Ellie Goulding
“You’ve Changed” by Sia
“It Is What It Is” by Lifehouse
“True Faith (New Order Cover)” by Anberlin
“Bloodstream” by Stateless


Stefan: What are you doing here?
Damon: Why wouldn’t I be here? Bonnie deactivated the Gilbert invention, Isobel’s gone…and it’s Founder’s Day. I’m here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl.

Damon: You have no sense of humor, Stefan.
Stefan: Actually, I just have no sense of Damon humor.
(Stefan walks away)
Damon: Damon humor? (Damon follows Stefan) Hey! Look, I get it, I get it. I’m the better, hotter, superior choice, and you’re scared now that Katherine is out of the picture, that I will turn all my attention to Elena. But don’t worry. Elena is not Katherine.

Elena: (to Damon) Don’t make me regret being your friend.

Damon: Fifteen words or less. Tomb vamps are here. Founding families are the target. Get her outta here. Now.
Stefan: Wait, wait, wait — where’re you going?
Damon: That’s more than fifteen words, Stefan.

Damon: Y’know, I came to this town wanting to destroy it. Tonight I found myself wanting to protect it. How does that happen? I’m not a hero, Elena. I don’t do good. It’s not in me.
“Elena”: Maybe it is.
Damon: No. Nah, that’s reserved for my brother, and you, Bonnie… Even though she has every reason to hate me, still helped Stefan save me.
“Elena”: Why do you sound so surprised?
Damon: Because she did it for you. Which means that somewhere along the way you decided that I was worth saving. And I wanted to thank you for that.

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