About the Site

DamonandElena.com was opened on July 14, 2009 – 3 months before The Vampire Diaries premiered, and was the first fansite dedicated to Damon and Elena/Ian and Nina. The site was started by Arwen, and for the next 2 years, it grew into one of the largest and best sources for Damon/Elena & Ian/Nina on the web.

I adopted the site in May 2011 and have had such an amazing time running it; getting to know all of the wonderful DE fans, and being able to show my support for Delena, Ian, Nina and The Vampire Diaries.

I was even lucky enough to see The Vampire Diaries being filmed in Covington (I was there for the 3×10 DE kiss!), and to meet both Ian and Nina, and they are just as amazing in person as they are on the screen!

In 2015, for a number of reasons (both personal as well as site related – losing the domain when Fan Sites Network closed etc.), the site went on hiatus. We relaunched in September 2016 and I was able to re-register our original domain name. So glad to be back! Just in time for the 8th and final season of our beloved show.

As of September 2016, DamonandElena.com has over 6000 followers on Twitter, 22000 likes on Facebook, over 500k unique site visits and we were even mentioned in the February 2012 Vampire Diaries issue of Entertainment Weekly.

The site and the DE/TVD Fandom grows everyday and we will continue to bring you the latest on Delena, Nian & TVD. I hope you all enjoy the site as much as I do, thanks for visiting!

Your Webmiss,