2×01 – The Return


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Plot Summary

Elena returns home and is horrified to learn what has happened to Jeremy and Uncle John. Bonnie, Matt, and Damon wait at the hospital with Sheriff Forbes, who is anxious to hear whether Caroline will survive the car accident. Elena and Damon share a confusing conversation about the evening’s events, and Damon realizes that Katherine has returned. He and Stefan set out to learn why Katherine came back and whether she poses a threat to Mystic Falls. Tyler’s uncle, Mason, arrives to console his family members, who are still grieving after the mayor’s death.


“Out Of Our Hands” by Gemma Hayes
“How To Save A Life” by Piano Tribute Players
“Breakeven” by Piano Tribute Players
“Wonderful Life” by Hurts
“The River Has Run Wild” by Mads Langer
“Come Home” by OneRepublic and Sara Bareilles


Elena: Damon, we’re close enough now. I really wanna know how you’re doing.
Damon: I kissed you. Thought you kissed me back. Doppelgänger hijinks ensued. How do you think I’m doing?
Elena: I think that you’re hurt.
Damon: Hmm, no, I don’t get hurt, Elena.
Elena: No, you don’t admit that you get hurt. You get angry and cover it up and then you do something stupid.
Damon: You’re scared. You think Katherine’s going to send me off the deep end, don’t you? I don’t need her for that. You know what? Why is it such a surprise that I would kiss you?
Elena: That’s not a surprise. I’m surprised you thought I’d kiss you back.
Damon: Now I’m hurt.

Damon: I kissed Elena.
Stefan: Because you feel something for her! Because you actually care. And I’m not gonna let Katherine come in here and destroy that part of you that is finally, after all of the time, willing to feel something. She’ll try to break you. She’ll try to break us. And how we respond to that will define us. It’s our choice.

Elena: You scared me.
Damon: Just doing my part in the neighborhood watch.

Elena: Katherine was in this house; that means that she’s been invited in. What are we gonna do?
Damon: Move.

Damon: (referring to using his blood to help heal Caroline) If I do this, you and me, call a truce?
Bonnie: No. But you’ll do it anyway…for Elena.

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