2×02 – Brave New World


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Plot Summary

Caroline, feeling confused and desperate, joins her friends at the Mystic Falls Carnival after being released from the hospital. Damon wants to take immediate action, but Stefan and Elena offer Caroline their support. Matt tries to tell Caroline how he feels about her despite being confused about her behavior. Damon starts to suspect Mason Lockwood and tries to use Tyler’s short temper to get Mason to reveal his secret. Bonnie takes her frustrations out on Damon as she becomes frustrated with everything going on around her.


“Animal” by Neon Trees
“Geraldine” by Glasvegas
“Currency Of Love” by Silversun Pickups
“The Ladder” by Andrew Belle
“All This Time” by OneRepublic


Damon: You came here to kill me?
Jeremy: Well, it’s only fair. You killed me first.

Caroline: God bless Elena but she does not understand the word ‘fabulous’.

Stefan: How did this happen?
Damon: Well, I fed her blood. Katherine obviously killed her. And A plus B equals…
Elena: But why?
Damon: Because Katherine is a manipulative, nasty little slut.

(Elena stops Bonnie from burning Damon to death)
Bonnie: Why?! Why did you stop me?!
Elena: Because this isn’t us! This can’t be us!

Damon: (to Stefan) Are you worried that all the forest animals will band together and fight back? After all, they talk.

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