2×03 – Bad Moon Rising


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Plot Summary

Elena, Damon, and Alaric travel to Duke University to study Isobel’s research on folklore and paranormal phenomena, hoping to find some clues to the mystery surrounding the Lockwoods. Vanessa, a former student of Isobel’s, helps them sort through the research and ends up learning more than she had anticipated. Stefan encounters a terrifying new danger in the woods, and Tyler uncovers a shocking discovery about his uncle Mason.


“Under My Bed” by Meiko
“In Your Skin” by Lifehouse
“Fantasy Friend Forever” by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
“Send A Little Love Token” by The Duke Spirit
“Changes” by Stars
“Ashes And Wine” by A Fine Frenzy


Damon: You have every right to hate me. I understand. But you hated me before and we became friends. It would suck if that was gone forever. So, is it? Have I lost you forever?
Elena: Thank you for the book, Damon.

Elena: Right. I forgot I was speaking to a psychotic mind that snaps and kills people impulsively.

Elena: You touch her and I swear I’ll never speak to you again.
Damon: What makes you think that has any power over me? Cause I took an arrow in the back for you? You are severely overestimating yourself.

Damon: You know this whole pretending to hate me is getting a little silly.

Elena: I need to know the truth. When you broke Jeremy’s neck, did you know that he was wearing the ring?
Damon: No. No, I didn’t. Katherine really pissed me off and I snapped, and I… I got lucky with the ring. I don’t know what I would’ve done if he wasn’t wearing it. [pause] Elena, I’m sorry.
Elena: Thank you for being honest with me. And the answer to your question about our friendship? Is yes. You have lost me forever.
Damon: But you knew that already, didn’t you? When you used me today.
Elena: You had information about Katherine that I needed.
Damon: I thought friends didn’t manipulate friends? You and Katherine have a lot more in common than just your looks.

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