2×04 – Memory Lane


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Plot Summary

Stefan takes more dramatic actions as he tries to discover the truth behind why Katherine has returned to Mystic Falls, and he is stunned when Katherine reveals some new information about the events that unfolded in 1864. Damon tries using a new method to resolve his issues with Mason, but his decision has serious consequences. Tyler pressures Mason to tell him the truth about the Lockwood family. Stefan and Elena are faced with limited options when Katherine gives them an ultimatum.


“Quartet For Strings in C Major, Emperor – Classical Piece” by Haydn
“Rock On” by Collide
“Together Faraway” by Ballas Hough Band
“Hammock” by Howls
“We Radiate” by Goldfrapp
“Time Of Our Lives” by Tyrone Wells
“Breathe Again” by Sara Bareilles


Damon: (to Elena) So, this is where you spend your time when you’re not stabbing people in the back.

Mason: I heard great things about you.
Damon: Really? That’s weird because I’m a dick.

Katherine: Bad day?
Damon: Bad century.

Damon: I tried to kill a werewolf, I failed. Now I feel like I’m not living up to the version of my best self.

Stefan: Damon and I died for nothing. Nothing.
Katherine: No, Stefan. You died for love.

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