3×03 – The End of the Affair


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Plot Summary

Klaus and Stefan arrive in Chicago, where Stefan is reunited with a vampire who hasn’t really moved on from her interest in him decades earlier. In a flashback to Chicago in the 1920s, Stefan comes face-to-face with a shocking chapter from his wild past. After Damon gets a tip on Stefan and Klaus’ whereabouts from an unexpected source, he and Elena follow their trail. Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler is concerned about Caroline and turns to Sheriff Forbes for help.


“Distance” by Christina Perri
“Run Wild” by Ume
“You Should Know” by Pink Frost
“We Come Out At Night” by Snake! Snake! Snakes!
“Blood Ball” by The Elliots
“Kale” by Nerves Junior
“Shelter” by Birdy


Damon: I sure hope we find him, ’cause it would suck if the last memento of Stefan was that crappy old necklace.
Elena: It’s an antique, Damon. Like you.

Klaus: I see they’ve opened the doors to the riff raff now.
Damon: Oh, honey, I’ve been called worse.

Damon: (to Elena) It came to me in a dream. I was naked. You would have loved it.

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