3×08 – Ordinary People


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Plot Summary

With help from Elena and Bonnie, Alaric tries to decipher the meaning behind his recent discovery. Elena and Rebekah engage in a mean-girl power struggle, until Rebekah finally reveals some of her family’s ancient secrets and the violent past she shares with Klaus and Elijah. Damon tries a reckless new approach to make a breakthrough with Stefan, and they’re both surprised by an unlikely ally.


“Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)” by Foster the People
“Put Your Hands Up” by Nadine
“I’m Rockin” by The Cadillac Black
“Get Your Buzz On” by The Cadillac Black
“Turn It On” by The Cadillac Black
“Losing Ground” by Trent Dabbs
“Shake It Loose” by The Kicks
“We Don’t Eat” by James Vincent McMorrow


Damon: (to Elena) I went behind your back. I freed Stefan. And you know what? It backfired. He’s an even bigger dick than ever. It’s just, now, he’s a dick that’s on our side.

Damon: I happen to like the edge, Stefan. Your problem is your inability to resist falling over it.

Elena: How does he look?
Damon: Pasty and pouty.
Elena: He’ll have to get over it.

Elena: You know, when all is said and done, there’s nothing more important than the bond of family.
Damon: You should tell that to my brother.
Elena: I’m not mad at you for letting him out, Damon. I think that you’re gonna be the one to save him from himself. It won’t be because he loves me. It’ll be because he loves you.

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