3×12 – The Ties That Bind


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Plot Summary

Bonnie believes her recurring dreams about Klaus’ coffins will tell her how he can be killed. The dreams also lead Bonnie to a reunion with her mother, Abby, whom Bonnie hasn’t seen for 15 years. At Abby’s remote farmhouse, Bonnie and Elena meet Jamie, the young man Abby took in years earlier. Bonnie’s sudden appearance catches Abby off-guard, but she does her best to explain the past. Tyler turns to an unexpected ally in his quest to regain his free will. Damon is intrigued by Alaric’s new friend, Dr. Fell, and Klaus continues his bitter negotiations with Stefan over control of the coffins containing his family members.


“Code Red” by The Boxer Rebellion
“Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys
“Money Saves” by Delta Spirit
“Rewind (Acoustic)” by Diane Birch


Bonnie: (to Damon and Elena) What’s going on with you two?
Damon: We kissed. Now it’s weird.

Bonnie: (about the kiss) Was it good?
Elena: Doesn’t matter.
Bonnie: That means it was.

Elena: (to Stefan) There’s something I have to tell you. And it’s not because I feel guilty that it happened, it’s because I feel guilty that you don’t know. I kissed Damon.

Elena: I didn’t plan on kissing him.
Stefan: You’re better than him Elena. You’re better than both of us.

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