3×16 – 1912


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Plot Summary

The present-day murders in Mystic Falls remind Damon of a similar crime spree a century earlier. In flashbacks to 1912, Damon recalls a beautiful vampire, Sage, who showed him a whole new way to exist. Sheriff Forbes warns Damon not to get involved in her investigation, but Damon is convinced she’s going after the wrong suspect. Elena and Matt resort to breaking and entering in their search for evidence to prove Dr. Fell is a murderer. For reasons known only to her, Rebekah, becomes interested in locating one of the town’s oldest landmarks. Finally, Elena comes to a new understanding of the path her life has taken, and Damon makes an emotional confession to Stefan.


“Don’t Owe You A Thang” by Gary Clark, Jr.
“Let’s Dance” by Gods of Macho
“Snakeskin Heart” by Black Daniel
“Black Magic” by Magic Wands
“How It Starts” by The Features
“The Argument” by Aidan Hawken
“Be The Song” by Foy Vance


Damon: I let you walk away. I watched you go over the edge, and I didn’t do anything to stop you.
Stefan: You couldn’t have.
Damon: Sure, I could have. But I just didn’t want to. But I want to now. Whenever you go too far, I will be there to pull you back, every second, every day till you don’t need me.
Stefan: Why?
Damon: ‘Cause right now…you’re all I got.

Matt: I just don’t get it, your thing with them.
Elena: I know it doesn’t make sense. But at the beginning, after my parents died, there was something about being with Stefan that just…felt safe.
Matt: Safe? Elena, he’s a vampire.
Elena: I know, believe me, just saying it out loud sounds crazy, but…it’s like I knew that he would never stop loving me, like he would never…
Matt: What?
Elena: Die. Like he would never die.
Matt: Like your parents did. And Damon?
Elena: Damon just sort of snuck up on me. He got under my skin, and no matter what I do, I just…I can’t shake him.
Matt: Once you fall in love with someone, I don’t know if…I don’t know if you can ever shake ‘em.

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