3×21 – Before Sunset


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Plot Summary

Klaus acts on his intentions to leave town with Elena, but finds resistance from a surprising new enemy. Bonnie calls on Abby to help her with a difficult spell. As events spiral out of control, Elena is determined to protect Caroline, Damon and Stefan enlist Tyler’s help, while Bonnie and Jeremy take a terrifying risk to make sure her spell is effective. Damon and Stefan have a surprisingly candid conversation about the future.


“Reno” by The Gods of Macho
“Start to Run” by Middle Class Rut
“Light” by Analogue Revolution
“Act On Impulse” by We Were Promised Jetpacks
“Ache” by James Carrington


Bonnie: If you are so upset with me why did you feed me your blood to save my life?
Damon: Because I do stupid things, Bonnie. I do things, like let my friend die with dignity when I should have just killed him!

Elena: I know it’s selfish. I know that it seems like i’m stringing you both along. But I don’t know what i’m supposed to do? I mean, if I choose one of you then I lose the other, and i’ve lost so many people. I just…I can’t bear the thought of losing one of you.

Damon: All this over one girl.
Stefan: She’s a pretty special girl.
Damon: Yeah, she is.

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